Romans 12: 2 “…be transformed by the renewal (renovating) of your mind…”


21 Days to Feeling Fabulous: Physically and Mentally Challenge Testimonials

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If you are struggling to stay consistent, need accountability for what you are eating, want to consistently working out or start working, this is the perfect challenge for you. Each week we will do a NEW WORKOUT.


6 Weeks to a Healthier You Challenge


If you live in Charlotte, NC, this challenge is for you. You don’t want to miss this challenge.

Click the following link to see a testimony of this challenge: TESTIMONY.

This 6-week challenge is to help you get into great shape, feel confident and with my personal guidance and encouragement to help increase your health.  You will have an accountability partner and you will also meet with me once a week for accountability.

As a group we will meet together throughout the 6 weeks to exercise and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Sign up today, we start the next challenge in June.

21 Days to Feeling Fabulous: Physically and Mentally Challenge Testimonials

Accountability and consistency in this challenge help me to loss 10lbs, and 1 to 1/2 inch in body measurements. The results are visible. MG

I have so much more energy and have started a wellness challenge at my church because of this challenge. Zhivi really have shown that I could workout using social media and YouTube, It’s like a whole new world. I’m very thankful for her leading by example. KG


6 Weeks to a Healthier You Challenge Testimonials

It has given me more confidence with the way I look. I was quick to buy shirts that were to big that covered my stomach. But I am ok with buying mid shirts. My confidence is building back up to where I am loving the new me (looks). J.G

Millicent’s Testimonials

First, allow me to say this: “I Thank God for Coach Zhivi”! Leading By Example is a program that has been “God” inspired for me! This program has been a “God send” for me! I cannot think of a program that I’ve participated in for my fitness needs that has been as apropos and tailor made for me, as this one has! I needed something to jumpstart my motivation and determination to get me back into working out each day. What I love most about Coach Zhivi, was that she helped me to not only outline my “health and fitness” goals but, also goals related to other aspects of my life, other than health and fitness!

Yvonne’s Testimonial

My coach Zhivi was amazing. Her guidance and our sessions led me set achievable goals. It was through her knowledge, encouragement, time, and coaching that I achieved my four week goal of 5lbs loss. Even when I didn’t always hit the mark, I didn’t wallow in defeat, but instead got back on track; Zhivi stressed this in our sessions. The absolute amazing part is that due to great tips from Zhivi, I was able to get through the Thanksgiving holiday unscathed!

EW’s Testimonial

Zhivi is great about motivating you to be your best self and never letting you put yourself down. She is your biggest cheerleader when you cannot do it for yourself.

EP’s Testimonial

Zhivi was amazing as an accountability coach. She took the time to see what my needs were, both for health and life. She helped me to incorporate my life goals into my overall fitness goals. She helped me develop reasonable expectations, but not easy. She acknowledged my accomplishments, but also reminded me where I could improve. We talked through alternate ways to reach my goals that allowed for me to utilize the things that I had in my space. I didn’t feel like I was just another client, I felt that this was important to her to see me be healthier. I felt that she cared, and that made me want to meet my goals.